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Outdoor Lighting Tips for Homeowners

Outdoor LightingAs the weather warms up, many homeowners start heading outside to enjoy their yard again—and wondering if there are ways to make their yard even better. Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape is one option we like here at Blooms Landcare; lighting can help increase your home’s value, improve safety, and make it more attractive.

Adding outdoor lights is cheaper and easier than many homeowners think, and allows them to make better use of their yards even after the sun goes down. The American Lighting Association (ALA) has released a few tips that can help homeowners who want to add or upgrade outdoor lights to their home:

  • Know the types. Outdoor lighting usually is installed in one of three ways—task, overhead and ambient. Overhead lighting improves visibility on walking surfaces, such as steps or paths, while task lighting focuses on work areas like the kitchen. Ambient lighting is used to brighten the whole space.
  • Remember security. Lights near the doorways improve safety, as long as the lights are directed outwards instead of into the eyes of the homeowner. Motion detectors are also a good idea.
  • Build outdoor “rooms.” Outdoor lights can be used to mark off different parts of your yard, creating barriers and distinguishing areas from each other.
  • Avoid glare. Don’t make the lighting too bright, because this can be annoying or even blinding.

Outdoor lighting is one good way for homeowners to increase safety, beauty, and the value of their home. Here at Blooms Landcare, we’re willing to help with your Fort Worth lighting needs—give us a call at (817) 688-5352.

Source: The Fallbrook Village News, “Lighting can set the stage for outdoor fun,” January 30, 2014.

Plan a Romantic Evening Outdoors with Landscape Lighting

Landscape DesignLandscape lighting plays a significant role in making your exterior space an inviting place to spend a romantic evening. Blooms Landcare can install outdoor lights in strategic areas of your landscape design to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Try these “bright” ideas for the perfect backyard environment!

Setting the Mood

Using outdoor lighting in your backyard space is the easiest and most cost-effective way to highlight the features of your garden or landscaping that you want seen. Depending on the lights that you choose, you can also set a specific mood for when the sun goes down.

The professionals at our Fort Worth landscaping company can easily guide you through the design technique referred to as layered lighting. Layering the lights on your deck, in your garden, or as a part of any landscaped area creates an atmosphere filled with serenity and romance.

Creating the Perfect Design

But there’s no point in landscape lighting if you have nothing to illuminate! Our landscapers are experts in their field and can help you choose the best plants for the space you wish to create. Whether you’re looking for shady trees, pops of crazy color, or anything in between, we can help you.

But you can also add more than just plants to create the perfect romantic landscape.

  • Placing a comfortable bench or a bistro set in a softly illuminated garden provides the ideal place for intimate conversation and romantic dining.
  • Adding an outdoor bed or double chaise to your landscape design is a also certain way to add romance to your landscape and will look great on an enlarged or covered patio.
  • Water features are also great in any landscape design. Adding underwater or submerged lighting to a water garden will softly illuminate any plants and fish in the water garden. Plus, the sound of lightly bubbling water is instantly soothing.

An evening picnic beside of a lighted water garden would be extremely relaxing and wonderfully romantic.

Planning Your Romantic Evening

Once you have created the perfect outdoor retreat, you will certainly want to spend time there. One way to enjoy your romantically designed outdoor area is to designate one evening a week as a night for a romantic dinner or picnic under the stars with that special person in your life. Be creative with your plans! Have a gourmet meal on the patio, enjoy a picnic in the garden, or have a wine and cheese night under the stars. But remember to keep it simple so that the focus remains on the romantic aspect of the evening.

We Can Make it All Happen

Make a call to Blooms Landcare at 817-688-5352 and let them assist you with simple landscape lighting that will make it easy for you to enjoy many tranquil, serene, and romantic moments right outside your door.

Perfect Winter Weather Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Living all Year LongYour outdoor living space doesn’t have to go dormant in the winter. One of the great advantages to living in Fort Worth is the mild weather we enjoy in the winter months. With the right addition of outdoor lighting and seasonal color, Blooms Landcare will help you enjoy your patio throughout the year.

Enjoy Color Throughout the Year

With the right landscaping, you can have a brilliant explosion of color in your yard for the entire year. We have trained landscapers on hand who will work closely with you to develop and install landscaping that looks amazing, suits your maintenance needs, and adds color to your yard. With the right Fort Worth landscaping, your backyard environment will be ready for entertaining even during the winter months.

Outdoor Lighting to Highlight the Colorful Displays

In addition to landscaping your backyard environment, we can also make it safer and more attractive with the addition of outdoor lights. Soft lights illuminating the deck make it easy to enjoy the area in the evening, and spotlights illuminating flowerbeds allow you to enjoy the brilliant color even after the sun starts setting in the evenings.

A Safe and Attractive Property

Soft landscape lights illuminate the property without creating extra shadows around trees or other structures. You can view the property from inside your home to ensure that everything is in order and safe. Criminals will not be as likely to target your house because the lighting makes it harder for them to hide.

Lighting also makes your property safer for family, friends, and other guests when they come to visit. Not only do they add attractiveness to your yard, but the added visibility along garden paths and paved walkways makes it easier to navigate the property without fear of falling.

Transform Your Yard Today

From improving the curb appeal of your home to making the property safer, there are many benefits to adding beautiful outdoor lights to your home. With the right winter lighting, you can enjoy your beautiful seasonal landscaping even after darkness covers the Fort Worth landscape. Call Blooms Landcare at 817-688-5352 to discover how the right landscaping and lights can transform the exterior of your home.

Add Outdoor Lighting for Beauty and Security

When you’ve gone to the effort and expense of creating a beautiful outdoor environment for your Fort Worth home, there’s no reason for that beauty to disappear when the sun goes down. Let Blooms Landcare show you how outdoor lighting can showcase your home’s exterior and landscape 24 hours a day. Strategically placed outdoor lights not only highlight your home’s style but enhance the security of your home too.

The secret to an effective outdoor lighting installation lies in choosing the right fixture for the right application and location. Determining the best product to enhance the function and style of your yard or garden takes the skill of a talented professional experienced in landscape design. From bullet lights and wash lights to garden lighting, a Blooms Landcare lighting expert can help you choose the best products to illuminate the exterior of your home.

When it comes to decorative outdoor lighting, placement is everything. Flood lights are ideal for highlighting a landscape feature like a statue or fountain, but it takes skill to illuminate the feature without creating harsh shadows. Illumination from a down light filtering through a tree’s canopy creates the illusion of moonlight. A well light placed at the base of the same tree draws attention to the tree’s sculptural quality. Lighting design is an art as well as a science.

Outdoor security lighting can be woven into the overall exterior lighting scheme to enhance the security and safety of your home and your family. Would-be home intruders are less likely to choose a home that would put their actions in full view. A well-lighted home not only discourages break-ins but lets you easily indentify strangers outside your home. Outdoor lighting makes your home safer for guests as well, illuminating the path from the curb to your front door.

With a Blooms Landcare outdoor lighting installation in Fort Worth, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are secure and safe within your own home as well as the pleasure of enjoying your home’s outdoor areas day and night. Our lighting professionals ensure that outdoor lighting works as well as it looks, with products that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home for many years to come. Call Blooms Landcare today at 817-688-5352 and discover how outdoor lighting can light up your home with style. You can also contact us online.

An Outdoor Oasis in Your Own Backyard

Fort Worth TX outdoor environmentEveryone dreams of a relaxing afternoon spent outside, with picturesque views and a tranquil setting. With our Fort Worth TX landscaping experts at Blooms Landcare, that scenic location can be in your very own backyard.

Our trained and knowledgeable lawn care experts can make this dream destination in your backyard a reality in no time. Our technicians are trained in a multitude of trades, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to any of the outdoor work for your property. Whether it is irrigation, planting, or masonry, we can accomplish the tasks for you. And with our dedicated professionalism and quest for quality, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is brought to fruition.

With outdoor lighting and stone work, you can overhaul the look of your backyard, establishing your very own pristine outdoor environment. Patios provide a perfect area for some quality alone time or for entertaining a slew of guests. With Blooms Landcare, you will never have to worry about your lawn being unprepared when an opportunity for an outdoor celebration arises. Whether installing a new walkway, some landscape lighting to set the mood, or stone work to accent the area, we are here to help you.

For all your residential landscape needs in the area, Blooms Landcare is the company to count on. For additional information regarding outdoor landscaping, give us a call at 817-688-5352 or contact us online today.




Improving Your Outdoor Environment

Fort Worth TX landscape designAs we find ourselves in the midst of summer, it is more important than ever to make sure your outdoor area is up to standard. Whether you are entertaining guests outside or simply creating an inviting space for you and a loved one, the perfect outdoor environment can change the look and mood of any home. Our Fort Worth TX landscape design specialists at Blooms Landcare can help you create the perfect outdoor environment for your home today.

With us, an outdoor environment can be aesthetically eye-catching and equally practical. An outdoor area for your home can overhaul the look of your home, transforming a boring backyard into an extremely useful living space. With garden design available, as well as stone work, we can create a beautiful area for you and your family to enjoy. This oasis in your own home can not only provide you with an area of retreat in your very own backyard, but increase your home’s curb appeal as well, perfect if you’re planning to sell any time in the near future.

With services ranging from mood lighting to walkways and retaining walls, our Fort Worth TX landscapers can design and execute your ideal outdoor environment. Outdoor lighting can create the perfect ambiance for any environment, and a walkway can provide a practical path to your garden or plants.

Our landscaping company in Fort Worth TX can provide you with these outdoor design services, and many more, all at affordable rates. With any questions, comments, or to schedule a landscaping service, feel free to give us a call at 817-688-5352 or visit us online today.

Summer Stone Work Landscaping Projects

The summer months lend themselves to landscape projects. The aesthetics of any yard can be greatly enhanced by stone work creating a stunning entry way to a pool or sitting area near a flowerbed. Let your Fort Worth TX landscaping company, Blooms Landcare, help you design the perfect outdoor living area.

When designing landscaping, it is important to consider functionality along with the aesthetically pleasing elements of stone work. Atmosphere without practicality can be more trouble than comfort. Your Fort Worth landscapers understands how to turn any idea into an outdoor environment of which you will be proud.

Common stone work provided by Blooms Landcare includes patio floors, walkways and pathways, stone walls, porch foundations, stone fountains, and rock gardens.  Whatever your backyard landscape dreams may be, the experienced professionals from your landscaping company in Fort Worth TX will create the outdoor living space you have always envisioned.

For Energy Conservation, Use CFL Bulbs

CFL BulbAccording to the Energy Star website, one light fixture replaced with an energy-efficient bulb could save enough energy to light as many as three million homes each year. The total savings would range at roughly $600 million.

Those numbers alone make energy-efficient bulbs an intriguing option, and when it comes to your outdoor lighting, energy conservation is never a bad idea. Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are the environmentally conscious alternative to traditional light bulbs. They use less energy while, at the same time, providing equal or better lighting for your patio, front yard or back yard.

CFL bulbs use roughly three-quarters the energy that traditional bulbs use. In addition, CFL bulbs produce about three-quarters of the heat, which makes them safer to use for children. CFL bulbs are built to last longer than traditional bulbs, and they can save as much as $40 in utility costs over its life span.

These bulbs, most importantly, are stamped with the Energy Star name, which means they are above-quality bulbs that will be better for the environment. Our Fort Worth TX landscapers at Blooms Landcare specialize in quality outdoor lighting installation that will aesthetically and financially improve your residential or commercial propery, and the use of a CFL bulb can further add to your property value.

Give us a call today. Contact our Fort Worth landscaping company, or visit us online for information.

Spring Colors: The Groundhog Speaks

Seasonal Color InstallationOn Feb. 2 – Groundhog Day – it was reported that Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, did not see his shadow. That traditionally means an early spring is predicted – and with the icy temperatures around the Dallas-Fort Worth area lately, the bold prediction definitely was welcomed.

If Punxsutawney Phil is accurate, it could mean positive things for landscapers. It may be time to discuss seasonal color installation for the spring, and our Fort Worth TX lawn care experts provide quality landscape designed to enhance your property for the upcoming spring season.

Expect custom designing, first-class landscaping tips and a bevy of springtime colors that will highlight your front yard, back yard, patio, porch, terraces and walkways. Whether it includes strengthening your garden or installing new pottery, our Fort Worth landscapers have built a reputation for producing quality work while keeping customers happy from a financial perspective.

We hope Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction is accurate, as our trained professionals are eager to turn your property into art with the help of seasonal color installation. For more information, call our Fort Worth TX landscaping company today, or visit us online.

Spring Makeover with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingIn looking for a way to give your property an upcoming spring makeover, our Blooms Landcare representatives suggest the installation of outdoor lighting. Improve your landscaping – and your property value – with the help of safe and inexpensive lighting varieties.

Believe it or not, outdoor lighting can be a great do-it-yourself project for you and your family. Motion detectors and timer lights are among the easiest types of lighting to install, and they are among the best options for security purposes. These lights can be installed on your porch, around your patio, near the garage or in your driveway to help keep your property safe from potential danger.

Do-it-yourself installation can add style and grace to your property. All you will need is a little creativity and patience. If you can follow instructions, you can turn your property into a spectacle that will have your neighbors wanting to follow suit.

Let outdoor lighting be the touch you need to aid in upcoming outdoor landscape designing. If you would rather have a professional handle the task, our Fort Worth TX landscapers are here to assist you. Call our Fort Worth outdoor lighting company today, or contact us online for details.