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    Residential Landscape Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX

    Residential Landscape Maintenance Fort WorthAt Blooms Landcare, we take residential landscape maintenance seriously. Our team of trained professionals has been serving the area since 2006. If you need your Fort Worth landscaping maintained, look no further than Blooms Landcare. We’ll be happy to put the tips and tricks into practice that we’ve learned over the years.

    Residential Landscape Maintenance Tips

    There are a handful of things you can do as a homeowner to keep your landscaping in the best possible condition.

    1. Mowing

    Mow weekly during the growing season to assure you are not removing more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time. Sharpen mower blades at least once per season. A good mower will mow wet turf and pick up clippings better. Consider a mulching mower, it allows much of the water and nutrients in the clippings to return to the soil, thus reducing the need for watering and fertilizers.

    2. Edging

    A good edge to the turf keeps the lawn looking great and creates separation between bed areas and turf. Edging every other mow helps keep grass from growing into the beds.

    3. Weed Control

    Weeds will be at a minimum if the turf is healthy. When weeds do crop up, they are best treated with a contact, selective herbicide or by hand removal. Crabgrass, velvet grass and other undesirable grass varieties that make your lawn look “patchy” are best dealt with by cutting out these patches and overseeding with a another grass seed mix.

    4. Aerate the Lawn

    The benefits of aeration include allowing more oxygen into the root zone and reducing compaction which allows microorganisms to naturally reduce thatch. It also aids with drainage and is an excellent precursor to topdressing. Aeration is best performed in the Spring or Fall.

    Residential Tree Care Service

    By properly maintaining and caring for your residential trees, you ensure that you will enjoy their long-lasting natural beauty! Quality tree care will not only help you keep your trees healthy and in good form, but will also prevent safety hazards in your yard. Here at Blooms Landcare, we practice both preventative care and maintenance to protect your trees from decline and keep your property free from damage. Healthy trees can help to increase the value of your home, and will contribute to your home’s overall curb appeal. Contact Blooms Landcare today at (817) 688-5352 to find out more about our stellar residential tree care services.

    Residential Landscape Maintenance Checklist

    Depending on the specific needs of your individual landscaping, you can adjust the following list to suit your needs.

    1. Mow and edge your lawns.
    2. Prune back any shrubs overhanging.
    3. Prune back any ground cover overhanging.
    4. Remove any broken or fallen branches from trees.
    5. Remove any weeds or treat with weed control.
    6. Check plants for signs of stress or disease and treat accordingly.
    7. Sweep or blow clean all walkways, curbs, and gutters.
    8. Check the irrigation system. Make emergency repairs as needed or request authorization to make major repairs.

    We offer exceptional year-round landscape management to ensure your property looks its best at all times and we take a proactive approach to water management and pest issues.
    If you have questions about the kinds of maintenance needed for your home landscape, Contact or call the Fort Worth residential landscape professionals at Blooms Landcare. You can reach us at (817) 688-5352.