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3 Native Texas Plants to Put In Your Yard

3 Native Texas Plants to Put In Your Yard

Native Texas PlantsWhen you are building a beautiful garden, you should keep in mind adding native plants. Native texas plants are beautiful, but also they can withstand the extreme Texas weather, which means less maintenance for you. Below are three great choices to add to your garden.

Eastern Purple Coneflower

The Eastern Purple Cornflower is a beautiful drought resistant plant that has a very unique look. It has long stems with bright lavender petals that attach under a peculiar code shaped center. It is known across the state for attracting a variety of butterflies. It blooms throughout spring and summer, so now would be the perfect time to add it to your garden. This plant prefers full sun and partial shade and can provide beautiful cut flowers for you all summer long.

Black-eyed Susan

With gorgeous golden pedals and a contrasting black center, this is a beautiful perennial coneflower that will brighten any garden. Black-eyed Susans have long lasting and continual blooms which make it a yard show stopper. Also great for cut flowers and is drought resistant so those Texas dry spells won’t wipe it out.

Southern Wax Myrtle

The Southern Wax Myrtle is a great evergreen shrub to add to your Texas garden. It can reach up to 20 ft. in height and provides your yard with a delicious spicy fragrance. It is used as a garden divider or to help shield areas of your garden from sunlight. It prefers partial shade and moist soil for it to thrive. Talk to your garden specialist on how to add Southern Wax Myrtle for some great landscaping.

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