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    Decorative Pots & Planters Fort Worth, TX

    Creating Exciting Decorative Pot Details for Your Landscape

    decorative pot services fort worth tx
    Decorative pots can help transform your home or business into a beautiful work of art. Blooms Landcare in Fort Worth, TX helps our clients choose the perfect decorative pots for your residential or commercial property. When it comes to landscape design and landscape maintenance, decorative pots often play a quiet role, but a critical one. Let Blooms Landcare show you how big of an impact small details can have on the overall look of your landscape.

    Basics of Decorative Pots

    Decorative pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Your property can feature everything from wall pots to balcony pots. They can come in all styles, including clay, all forms of metal, plastic, ceramic, or even a stunning marble. Decorative pots can provide a pop of color and texture to any well-landscaped property. They are an inexpensive and creative way to add considerable value to your home or business.

    Learn More about Our Decorative Pots

    Blooms Landcare has a team of degreed landscaping professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to take your property to the next level. We custom-tailor each design plan to the customer’s needs and offer a wide variety of services to create your perfect landscape. We offer all our services at affordable rates and with exceptional customer service.

    Decorative Ceramic Outdoor Pots

    Decorative pots placed around the yard outdoors are often used to completely transform the overall appearance of your home or commercial property into a work of art with bright colors and wonderful smells all around. Regarding landscape design, it sometimes pays to have numerous decorative ceramic parts to contrast the green colors of bushes, trees, and grass.

    You can use these ceramic pots to host any number of different flowers or plants – from the most colorful to the most useful in the kitchen. No one says you need to have a little garden in the backyard to grow something green and useful for cooking on the weekend.

    Decorative pots often come in a wide variety of different shapes and colors, allowing the homeowner or business owner to select a style that suits their needs and overall sense of style. You can mix and match or simply get an entire set to work together.

    Decorative Pots for Kitchen

    The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior, if not more so. Many homeowners are looking for something aesthetically pleasing for their kitchen, including decorative pots that can be used to hold a variety of colorful flowers or various garnishes for cooking dishes, such as mint or parsley.

    While choosing decorative pots for the kitchen, you may not have nearly as much leeway as when choosing for an outdoor environment. You must select a pot that can effectively fit within the home and not cause too much clutter. Many homeowners would prefer to select a decorative pot that matches the overall theme and color of the rest of the kitchen, too. This is to add more aesthetics to the entire home, not just the kitchen. Of course, despite the choices being a bit more limited than outdoor ceramic pots, there are still plenty of options to select from to fit your style and needs perfectly.

    Decorative Windowsill Pots

    Even after enduring a harsh winter or a rainstorm, you can always bet on a decorative windowsill pot to keep things bright and friendly within the home. Whether it is freezing cold outside with snow falling from above and rain making the entire outdoor yard wet, with the right decorate windowsill pot in your windows, it can always feel like summertime when you wish it. Plants are known to create a sense of peace within the home, and taking care of them each day allows us to take the time to appreciate the little things in life.

    Of course, even the brightest, most colorful flower needs a decorative pot to match. With the right chosen pot, you can bring a bit more life and color into the home and receive a bit of nature that contrasts how hectic we live today. There are often many choices to select from, making windowsill pots highly customizable.

    Flower Pots

    Starting a beautiful and versatile garden can be a difficult task. Many people take up gardening as a way to relax after a long workweek, while some use flowers to enhance the look and value of their home. Of course, your garden is only as good as what you grow and its overall design.

    With our line of flower pots, your garden will take a step above the entire neighborhood. You can arrange by color and size, or purchase a wide variety of decorative flower pots to achieve an aesthetic you find pleasing. At Blooms Landcare, we have a wide selection of pots available to help transform the lawn of your home or business into something truly astounding. Our customer service representatives can help you select the decorative pots for any occasion.

    Container Pots

    When it comes to planning out your garden to ensure you use all of the space efficiently, containers can play a significant role. Creating a container garden is a brilliant way to bring your vegetables and herbs into the kitchen for cooking, especially if you are short on space in the house or the yard.

    Containers work perfectly for those who do not have a lot of time to tend to the soil, offer nutrients to the flowers, and water every single day. Those who are new to gardening tend to tackle container pots with ease. Many people looking for a slight expansion to their existing garden area without taking up too much room will find that various sized containers work wonders. You can choose to group the containers together to form their garden or spread them out for a more dispersed appearance. Either way, a thriving garden is yours for the taking.

    Concrete Pots

    When most people think of gardening, they probably don’t consider concrete pots as an option. Those people, however, have never witnessed the wonders that can be created in a spread of green grass. While it is more common to see concrete pots lining the sidewalk of the town or along commercial property, these containers can be placed anywhere for just the right look. Most concrete pots are quite large, too, which means large bushes, small trees, and a bevy of flowers can be planted with ease. Whatever your heart’s desire, we have a concrete pot for you.

    With a little help from the customer service representatives at Blooms Landcare, you will find the most attractive concrete pots to beautify your landscape. While providing fresh vegetables, garden herbs, and gorgeous flowers, concrete pots are also easy on the eyes and meld into the scenery quite well.

    Do ceramic pots work well in all weather?

    Purchasing decorative ceramic pots for your plants and flowers can be quite expensive, especially if you need to replace them every so often due to breaks or damage. Like many plants, some pots were not designed to survive through the harsh winter months when left outdoors. These pots often crack from the cold weather, effectively ruining the entire pot and forcing you to replace it when the winter months have come to a conclusion. To ensure you aren’t spending so much money each year replacing broken ceramic pots, you should bring them indoors when possible. Ideally, all pots and planters will be brought indoors when winter first strikes, even if they were made of a material that could withstand the cold. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your investments. You should begin this process before the first snowfall occurs in your area.

    What size of pots is best for indoor plants?

    When selecting the right pot size for your indoor plants, you should know that there are four main sizes often used for indoor flowers and plants: 6 cm, 8 cm, 13 cm, and 18 cm. Large trees or floor-standing plants, however, may require you to go as large as 25 cm to successfully accommodate them. When it comes to protecting your flooring from pots of any size in the home, there are saucers available designed specifically to accommodate various sizes. These saucers are put between the pot and the floor, and you can usually receive them for free from a gardening store when purchasing a pot – especially a large pot. Choosing the right pot for your home solely depends on the types of plants you intend to introduce to the interior of your home. The bigger the plant, the bigger the pot. Easy!

    What is the advantage of ceramic pots?

    There has long been a debate within the gardening community regarding which type of material is best for pots – plastic or ceramic. Many gardeners prefer to make use of plastic pots, while others will stand by ceramic to the end of time. Each type has its advantages, of course. With ceramic, your plants are guaranteed to receive sufficient airflow and water movement through the sides of the pot, which are porous in nature. If you happen to overwater your plants, ceramic pots make things easier by filtering out the extra water. The clay of the pot has been known to successfully wick moisture away from the soil in excess, allowing your plant to survive for far longer than if it were in a plastic pot, which does not allow sufficient airflow. For plants that prefer drier soil, ceramic will always be the chosen pot.

    How does a Smart Pot work?

    The Smart Pot is a type of flower container with benefits to the plants or flowers you place inside. You insert good healthy soil along with the seeds or the entire plant you intend to grow. Next, add in some feed and water to the mixture. The benefits of the Smart Pot are the aeration, water drainage, and heat release features. These advantages ensure your plants grow bigger and better than any other plant you are currently tending to. Best of all, the Smart Pot is completely organic.

    The pot is designed from porous geotextile fabric, meaning there is no significant amount of copper or lead in the planter. Many customers choose to grow fruits and vegetables or other edibles in their Smart Pot. The options for what you can safely grow are nearly endless.

    For more information about our decorative pot services, contact Blooms Landcare. Dial (817) 688-5352 to schedule an appointment with one of our landscaping experts today.