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4 Winter Landscaping Ideas for Fort Worth

4 Winter Landscaping Ideas for Fort Worth

Winter Landscaping Ideas Dallas and Fort Worth TXWhile winter isn’t normally associated with lush landscaping, your yard can be the exception to the rule. Creative landscaping tips can really bring your property from looking like the Grinch stole Christmas to a perfectly classy holiday wonderland. The climate in Dallas and Fort Worth can be a bit chilly, but this is a great opportunity to get outside and get your landscaping in the holiday spirit!

Mix Plant Types

Mixing different plant types can really help your winter yard look put together. Different species of plants can help with the flow of your landscaping and a variety of plant types tend to do better across many different types of seasons.

Mulch Isn’t Just for Spring

Mulch can help protect your plants from the cold winter weather. Place a layer of mulch before the ice storms hit Dallas and Fort Worth to protect your landscaping from the inevitable freeze.

Use Plants That Survive the Cold

When you are planning your landscaping, you want to use varieties that can withstand even the coldest weather Dallas and Fort Worth can throw at it. These include evergreens like pine trees, hollies, and spruce. These plants are also associated with the holidays, which will help to decorate your yard for the holidays.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Make sure to keep an eye on the weather ahead. If you notice that you are going to get a few freezing nights below zero, place a few weather protective sheets over your shrubbery and plants. Wrap any outdoor sprinkler pipes and turn off your automatic watering timer to keep water out of your sprinkler lines. Many homeowners forget to do this and end up with a busted pipe and hundreds or thousands in repairs!

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