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5 Tips for Preventing Mushroom Invasions in Your Yard

5 Tips for Preventing Mushroom Invasions in Your Yard

Preventing Mushroom Invasions the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroplexThere is nothing more annoying than seeing mushroom invasions in your yard. This ugly fungus doesn’t waste time in taking over your gorgeous landscaping. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to cut down on these capped-crusaders. Just follow these tips for preventing mushroom invasions in your yard.

1. Reduce Standing Water

Mushrooms grow where there is moisture. If you are over-watering your yard or have standing puddles, fungus will begin to grow. A common cause of pooling in the yard is due to a broken sprinkler system. Try to reduce the days that you water your yard and fix any broken sprinkler lines. Over time the mushrooms will retreat.

2. Aeration

Moisture can be lessened with more airflow into the soil. Allowing better airflow may help, but some lawns may need to be re-thatched and aerated for the full impact.

3. Removal

Removing mushrooms is the quickest fix. You can just pull them out and toss them as you see them. However, not fixing the root of the problem will just keep causing them to come back year after year. While mushrooms aren’t harmful to your yard, they can be an eyesore. This may be an easy fix for those that don’t mind regular lawn maintenance.

4. Fungicides Don’t Work

Many people try to use fungicides on mushrooms. However, because the cap is just the top of the fungus, not the organism itself, a fungicide is ineffective. You need to kill the fungus that lies deeper within the soil.

5. Talk to a Professional

If you are tired of battling the mushroom invasions in your yard, you can call a professional like Blooms Landcare for assistance. They will be able to pinpoint the issue that is causing your mushroom issues.

For more information, call Blooms Landcare at [phone] today for assistance with your yard. We are happy to assist you with your mushroom invasion!