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5 Ways to Stay On Top of Leaf Accumulation This Fall

5 Ways to Stay On Top of Leaf Accumulation This Fall

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Most of us love the fall season. The weather starts to turn just a little cooler, and the leaves on the trees begin to shed. While these falling leaves are picture-perfect, they easily become an annoyance to homeowners trying to keep their lawns tidy. Luckily, homeowners have options. Besides tossing the leaves in the garbage, you have more useful options at your disposal.

Create Mulch

One of the primary reasons that leaves fall to the ground each year is to effectively suppress competing plants around the roots of the tree. This mess of dead leaves contains a high concentration of nutrients, though. If you turn the bunch into mulch, your garden should grow brighter and healthier!

Build Compost

Creating a compost pile takes time and work, but it effectively utilizes the nutrients found in dead leaves to their fullest. Shred the leaves first, mix in a few greens, and watch as decomposition sets in. You’ll then have nutritious soil for your plants and garden.

Chicken Bedding

If you have space for chickens in your yard, creating chicken bedding using fallen leaves is an ideal method to keep your yard clean. Gather the leaves in a large trash bag, allowing them to decompose over time. Lay the remnants in the chicken yard.

Avoid Leaf Blowers

Wherever possible, try to avoid using a leaf blower. While effective in some instances, they’re typically loud and create noise pollution. Instead, choose a rake. A rake doesn’t fling dead leaves across the lawn, creating more work.

Leave Them

We know; that most homeowners want a fresh, tidy yard. However, letting leaves remain where they fall is a natural process. In fact, doing so allows butterfly and moth species to populate.

When Do the Leaves Stop Falling?

It is important for you to remove the leaves from your yard because you do not want the leaves to trap moisture and cause mold to build up on your lawn. It could threaten the health and safety of your yard. That means you need to be aware of when the leaves will stop falling from your trees.

You have probably realized that the leaves begin to fall shortly after they change color. Even though it is nice to watch the leaves change color, you also need to be prepared to clean them up when they tumble from the trees.

Generally, leaves begin to fall from the trees when it gets cold outside. Therefore, leaves tend to start falling sooner in the Northeast than they do in the Southeast. Then, once the leaves start falling from the trees, it usually takes them a few weeks to finish falling.

Some of the regions in the country where you will see the leaves begin to fall include:

  • The Northeast. The leaves generally begin falling in early October and will be done by late October.
  • The Midwest. The leaves usually begin falling in the middle of October, and they continue dropping until early November.
  • The South. The leaves will generally start falling at the end of October, and they will be finished by the middle of November.
  • The West. In the West, the leaves usually start falling in late October, and they will be finished by the middle of November.

Remember that there will be plenty of regional variation, so it is important for you to remain vigilant and make sure you clean up your leaves as quickly as possible. If you need help, you might want to reach out to an expert who can help you not only take care of your trees but also take care of your landscape. Explore the differences between pruning vs. trimming

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