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A New Year, A New Garden

A New Year, A New Garden

A New Year, A New GardenWhen the New Year rolls around people get the itch to remodel. The best part of your home that you can have a new garden. Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to spruce up your yard and garden.

Increase Value

Dollar per dollar spent; there is no better remodel you can do for your home than a garden remodel. Not only does it increase the overall aesthetics of your yard, but it also greatly increases the curb appeal of your property, thereby raising its value.

Make it Functional

If you have an area of your garden that you are not fully taking advantage of, turn it into a functional producing food garden. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from your own backyard? There is a recent movement of people turning large portions of their gardens into quite an abundant return of tasty treats.

Plant in Off Season

Certain species do better when you plant in cooler weather so they have time to take root by the time the warmer weather sets in. Talk to a professional landscaper in order to determine the best species for your particular yard.

Consider Bird Feeders

Contrary to popular belief, birds are not always detrimental to a garden but can eat pesky insects that may jeopardize the health of your garden. Look at setting up a few bird feeders to start attracting different species to your gardens.

Think About Natural Fertilizer

You will want to start thinking about laying fertilizer and mulch in the next few weeks to get a head start on spring. Consider natural fertilizer from food waste compost. It is rich in minerals and great for the environment.

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