Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Everyone knows that the first impression is the most important. When customers come to your place of business, your landscaping is their first impression. A well-maintained landscape says a lot about your business; it says you think about the details, you care about your appearance, and you take pride in every aspect of your company.

Blooms Landcare provides exceptional commercial landscape maintenance for businesses all around Dallas and Fort Worth. From your grass to your garden, we can make everything look green, trimmed, and groomed. Call our office today to schedule your commercial landscape maintenance service with our professionals.

Professional Services for Your Business

Blooms Landcare believes that a stunning landscape is an investment that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your business, but also attracts more customers. We offer a wide variety of commercial landscape maintenance services to keep your property looking stunning. These services include…

Landscaping Maintenance Schedule

Your yard has four distinct seasons of growth and relaxation but also has four different seasons of landscape maintenance. These periods match up with our weather. Depending on the time of year and the type of plant or tree, there are various maintenance routines to perform. For example:

  • Spring – During the spring, use fertilizer once the snow has melted. Try to repair any dead patches of lawn, remove any winter protection, and plant cool-season flowers.
  • Summer – During summer, mow regularly, weed as needed, and trim the hedges surrounding your lawn. Next, mulch garden beds and prune fruit-bearing shrubs.
  • Fall – Fall lawn care is simple. Over-seed spots that require refreshing, use grass fertilizer, and rake fallen leaves as needed. Then, plant oak, holly, or beautyberry.
  • Winter – During winter, if rain or snow is lacking, water evergreens. Also, order seeds for spring, fertilize flowers in mild conditions and repair broken arbors.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tips

A properly maintained landscape will make a significant difference when attracting new clients or tenants. Hiring the right company will also add value to your property. Before you sign a contract, however, educate yourself. It may even seem slightly overwhelming.

First and foremost, get to know your landscape company. If you both better understand each other, your landscape will blossom. Next, set a realistic budget. Each property has unique needs that are dependent on its profile, the size, and special conditions. Take these factors into consideration. Lastly, plan for the long-term. The average life cycle of most plants and trees is ten years, factoring into any disease or storm damage. You’ll want to work directly with your chosen landscaping company to schedule replacements as needed, and factor in this time frame. And please, do not be afraid to ask questions of your landscape crew. At Blooms Landcare, we’re knowledgeable and committed. We’re more than willing to answer your questions!

Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Any Industry

There are some commercial industries that rely on their landscape in order to run their businesses, including golf courses, outdoor event venues, and commercial gardens. However, any business can benefit from a well-maintained landscape. Blooms Landcare has extensive experience in commercial landscape maintenance for a large variety of clients in a wide range of industries. We are happy to assist all private and public clients with professional commercial landscape maintenance and design.

How much does professional landscape maintenance cost?

When you are shopping around for professional landscape maintenance, you may have a hard time assessing the cost. That is because the cost can vary considerably depending on the needs of the property. If you have a small outdoor landscaping area around your business, the cost of maintenance will obviously be minimal. However, if your business’ livelihood depends upon the maintenance of the property grounds, such as with a golf course, then your costs will be greater. To get the most accurate estimate of monthly maintenance cost, talk to an expert at Blooms Landcare. We are happy to assist you in finding a maintenance plan that fits your budget and keeps your landscape looking great.

When is the best time of year for commercial landscape maintenance?

The best time of year for commercial landscape maintenance depends on the area in which you live. If you live in a climate like Dallas and Fort Worth, commercial landscape maintenance should be year-round. In the spring and summer, maintenance can include mowing, pruning, and ensuring your plants are getting the right amount of water and nutrients.

During the fall and winter, maintenance would involve clearing your landscaping of debris and fallen leaves, as well as protecting plants when the temperature drops. This type of closely monitored maintenance can be incredibly stressful for a business owner already dealing with the day-to-day running of the company. Let Blooms Landcare take that stress off and handle all your commercial landscape maintenance needs.

What is the process to maintain a commercial landscape?

Your landscape is often the first thing that people notice when they enter your business, which is why it’s so important to ensure that your commercial landscape is well-maintained. So, what should you focus on to keep your landscape looking great? Here are some of the commercial lawn services that Blooms Landcare offers:

  • Flower and shrub care
  • Irrigation and drainage treatments
  • Commercial lawn mowing and plant development
  • Complete lawn renovations

Do you have questions about preserving and maintaining your commercial landscape? Contact Blooms Landcare today at 817-688-5352 to hear more about our services. We’re happy to help!

Why is quality commercial landscaping important to property values?

Did you know that quality commercial landscaping can increase the value of your property? It’s true! Here’s why:

  • Any potential buyers or professional tenants will be attracted to a property with a well-kept landscape.
  • More customers and clients will frequent businesses that maintain their landscaping.
  • The surrounding community places a higher value on commercial properties with beautiful outdoor spaces.
  • All this contributes to a higher value on the real estate market!

If you have questions about the link between property values and commercial landscaping, contact Blooms Landcare today! We can be reached at 817-688-5352.

What should I consider when hiring a commercial landscaper?

Are you considering sprucing up your commercial lawn? Here are some things to find out before you hire a commercial landscaper:

  • Whether the person has official certifications and affiliations
  • If the company is listed by the Better Business Bureau
  • If the landscaper has enough positive reviews
  • What the landscape company’s history is like
  • Specifics on warranties for installation, costs, and the range of services offered

Do you have questions about what to know before hiring a commercial landscaper? Contact Blooms Landcare today at 817-688-5352. Our team of landscape experts is always happy to offer their assistance!

For more information and pricing regarding our commercial landscape maintenance, contact Blooms Landcare today. Call (817) 688-5352 to schedule your professional landscape services!


Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews

Mary T Hollis
Mary T Hollis
This company has damaged my 100 ft retaining wall working on my neighbors yard. They've been on my retaining wall without my permission with heavy equipment. Their Blooms tech Guy has spoken to me,my family and a realtor in a very unprofessional manner. The company failed to do any surveying.
Kaitlin L Severson
Kaitlin L Severson
Blooms was the best decision for landscaping. We needed total re-do of our front yard. We had bad erosion and a large magnolia tree in our front yard with tons of roots we didn’t know what to do with. We also didn’t have sprinklers. We contracted them to landscape the front, build a sidewalk for us, and install an irrigation system. Our house is on a hill with lots of mature trees that are important to me and I previously hesitated on doing landscaping bc I was worried it would damage the tree roots. On our initially meeting with Dale he recognized our trees were awesome and designed a plan around them and to protect them. He designed a natural stone walkway that looked good with our house’s stone but also minimized the amount of digging they’d have to do around the roots. He also designed a ground cover plan and landscaping that would do well in shade. Then came the WEEK they did the work. Our yard was a mess and this crew shows up EVERY DAY at 7:30 and worked till 6 with a minimal lunch break. They worked their butts off every day- digging everything by hand, no large machinery, to make sure they didn’t damage my trees. Cleared off all of the trash and the large broken pots that were left in our yard by the previous owner. Installed a killer irrigation system, installed an amazing natural stone walkway, built a retaining wall to contain our magnolia on our hill, and made our yard look beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend Blooms for their design, execution, and professionalism.
Allison Balla
Allison Balla
I would highly recommend using Blooms for any outdoor project you have. They were very communicative, and did amazing work!!!
Frank Moore MD
Frank Moore MD
I have been fortunate to work with Blooms for the last year. It has been a complete pleasure and has resulted in a total transformation. Dale has excellent vision and delivers on every promise. They are professional and have great attention to detail. Wonderful company.
Jenny Awe
Jenny Awe
We had a great experience with Dale and the team! They were matched to us via Yardzen to add in landscaping and a backyard built in grill. Felt like they were innovative in the design and flawless execution of the finish project. Guy in particular was above and beyond to ensure our yard never looked better! High recommend and can't wait to use them again.
Catherine Bevan
Catherine Bevan
Great work!!
jay davis
jay davis
Dale and Blooms are 100% trustworthy. They do great work and are always on time as promised. Professional friendly crews. Can handle big and small projects. Responsive. Strong recommend.
Tom Swanson
Tom Swanson
Several years ago Booms Landcare put in Landscape Lighting in our Patio area. One of the lights prematurely failed a couple of weeks ago. I was delighted to hear the light would be replaced under warranty. Several days later the light was replaced by Dale the owner of Blooms. How about that for great customer service. Thanks

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