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Common Mistakes in Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures serve multiple purposes: to provide security to the home, and aesthetic. A well-designed exterior lighting setup is the perfect method to add curb appeal to your home and provide protection during the night. However, designing the right scheme is challenging. You want to accomplish so very much. Trust in the professionals to increase the advantages of your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Too Few Fixtures

The point of outdoor lighting is to illuminate your home and yard. If you aim to save money at the same time, you will likely install too few fixtures. Doing so goes against your goals, though. Installing too few fixtures means there are dark patches throughout your yard. These are spots where your family could trip, a wild animal may hide, or someone with nefarious goals could sneak away.

Err on the side of caution and purchase/install a few extra fixtures.

Ignoring Layered Light

Layering outdoor lights is a technique used by professionals to combine path lighting, uplighting, and wall-mounted fixtures for a dramatic appearance. When mixed together, all of these outdoor lighting fixtures provide an unending cascade of light across the property. Some overlap each other, ensuring there are no shadowed portions.

Wrong LED Temperatures

The installation of outdoor lighting is best left to the professionals. You can hire someone who knows the entire system, layout, and proper settings to make the most of your exterior lighting.

For example, if you were to select the wrong LED temperature, you may be left with a flat, sickly-looking expanse. You always want to choose a warm tone. Warm LEDs are close to natural sunlight, which looks best for an outdoor setting.

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