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Your Efficient Garden Maintenance Checklist

Your Efficient Garden Maintenance Checklist

Residential Landscape Maintenance Dallas and Fort WorthEnsuring your garden is of the highest standard can be a difficult task to upkeep. However, with the right people, tools, and checklists in place, it isn’t impossible. At Blooms Landcare, we’re in the business of professional lawn maintenance, so read on to find out what you need to know when it comes to staying on top of your garden.

A Checklist Can be Helpful

Having a checklist can be a great way to visually see what it is you need to be doing in order to keep on top of your outside areas. A checklist will keep you and your professional landscapers right when it comes to what you want to achieve.

What Should I Have on My Checklist?

It can be difficult knowing where to start when it comes to writing a checklist. Therefore, we’ve laid out an example list below which should help you get going. Start by sectioning the tasks (you’ll see what we mean below).

Lawn and Turf Care

– Lawn and garden maintenance
– Grass cutting or trimming
– Lawn treatments
– Lawn dressing
– Lawn aeration
– Turf replacement and removal

Flower Beds and Hedge Maintenance

– Weed prevention and trimming
– Hedge trimming
– Pest and disease control
– Pruning and planting

Miscellaneous Garden Maintenance

– Pressure washing paths, patios and driveways
– Rubbish treatment
– Leaf removal
– Rubbish treatment
– Sprinkler and irrigation repair

Take the next Steps

These are,  of course, only a few of the tasks that you want to include on your maintenance checklist. If you have any questions about what else you should be thinking about or want to speak to a professional about your garden, simply pick up the phone and get in touch. Call Blooms Landcare on [phone] today and we’ll be happy to help.