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For Energy Conservation, Use CFL Bulbs

For Energy Conservation, Use CFL Bulbs

CFL BulbsAccording to the Energy Star website, one light fixture replaced with an energy-efficient bulb could save enough energy to light as many as three million homes each year. The total savings would range at roughly $600 million.

Those numbers alone make energy-efficient bulbs an intriguing option, and when it comes to your outdoor lighting, energy conservation is never a bad idea. Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are the environmentally conscious alternative to traditional light bulbs. They use less energy while, at the same time, providing equal or better lighting for your patio, front yard or back yard.

CFL bulbs use roughly three-quarters the energy that traditional bulbs use. In addition, CFL bulbs produce about three-quarters of the heat, which makes them safer to use for children. CFL bulbs are built to last longer than traditional bulbs, and they can save as much as $40 in utility costs over its life span.

These bulbs, most importantly, are stamped with the Energy Star name, which means they are above-quality bulbs that will be better for the environment. Our Dallas and Fort Worth TX landscapers at Blooms Landcare specialize in quality outdoor lighting installation that will aesthetically and financially improve your residential or commercial property, and the use of a CFL bulb can further add to your property value.

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