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Helping the Educational Community

Helping the Educational Community

Educational CommunityBlooms Landcare has taken an initiative to restore landscaping within the community. Our Dallas and Fort Worth TX landscapers recently have partnered up with REAL , a local nonprofit organization that supports school communities by creating learning gardens.

REAL (Rainwater Environmental Alliance for Learning) School Gardens partners with high-poverty elementary schools in the installation and maintenance of learning gardens that become a major part an educational community. The gardens have been shown to improve the lives of students by boosting scholastic achievement, as well as life skills.

By donating $25 to REAL School Gardens for each new customer we serve, our Dallas and Fort Worth landscapers are able to help 74 elementary schools across the area in building educational gardens. The 74 schools assisted equate to roughly 2,600 teachers and more than 41,000 elementary-school students.

Help us help this nonprofit organization. For more information on REAL School Gardens, or for information on our Dallas and Fort Worth TX landscaping company, feel free to give us a call, or visit us online.