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How to Install Pavers

How to Install Pavers

Paver Installation Service the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroplexPavers can add style and class to any back patio. Installing them can be a bit tricky on your own. If you have any hesitation, you should contact a professional landscaping company to properly install your pavers. Here is a brief basic guide on how to install pavers in your yard.

Step 1: Remove Sod or Dirt

Clear the area of any foliage, plants, grass, or weeds with a shovel. You will want the area to be about 6” larger than the actual finished size you desire.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

You will need landscape fabric to lay down over the dirt that you excavated. Install the paver base and use a compacter to finish it with a thickness of about 4’’ for walkways and patios. Each base should be installed incrementally. Make sure the soil is firmly compacted before moving on.

Step 3: Lay the Sand

Lay out a paper on the base and begin to move the sand carefully over the base. You need the sand to be completely level.

Step 4: Install the Paver Edge

This is an edge that you will place around the entire area. You will want to leave about 3’’ from the end of the compacted soil.

Step 5: Lay the Pavers

Lay the paver stones in the pattern you want leaving about 1/8’’ in the joints. You can make your pattern as complicated or simple as you want.

Step 6: Compact and Spread the Sand

Use the compactor again at least 2 more times. Then spread sand on the installation and spread it into the joints between the paver stones. Make sure the sand has filled the joints entirely.

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