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Landscape Lighting Design – How to Get the Most From Your Garden Lighting

Landscape Lighting Design – How to Get the Most From Your Garden Lighting

Landscape DesignThere’s so much that can be done with a landscape, especially when it comes to lighting. The proper use of light in a space can work absolute wonders visually. The type of landscape lighting you want all comes down to what you hope to use the space for. Do you want to entertain guests in the warm, summer months or create a peaceful and tranquil haven for yourself?

Landscape Lighting: What to Consider

  • The views from inside– If you are a true perfectionist, you may strive to have your landscape look phenomenal from all windows of your home. When it comes down to it, it would be lovely to be able to establish a beautiful view from each window. The correct placement of outdoor lighting can achieve this very easily.
  • Features and focal points – Features and focal points can be placed or situated in one or two areas in the garden to draw attention. If your landscape is home to some beautiful and old trees, the correct use of lighting can really bring them to life. Alternatively, you may prefer something such as a water feature as a main focal point surrounded by subdued spotlighting.
  • House lighting – Landscape lighting doesn’t just have to be within the garden; if the exterior of a home features the right kind of lighting, it can really gel well with the landscape and allow them to blend together.
  • Ambient lighting vs. spotlighting – Ambient lighting creates atmosphere by subtly lighting up an entire area. On the other hand, spotlighting draws strong attention to a particular feature or focal point. If used correctly, both can be incredibly effective.

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