Written By: Build Team

Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

All of us are very busy people! We have jobs, families, pets and lots of responsibilities. We are so busy that oftentimes spending the weekend tending to our backyard is the last thing we want to do! If this sounds like you, then you may be in need of some low-maintenance landscaping ideas. These ideas will help you to have a beautiful backyard that requires little work!

Xeriscaping is Great!

Xeriscaping is landscaping that eliminates or reduces the need for irrigation or watering systems. Not only does this mean that you will not need to water your lawn, but you will also have to spend less time mowing grass or weeding. Oftentimes, a xeriscaped backyard will have small rocks or pebbles instead of grass. Additionally, xeriscape plants often require less maintenance or pruning than traditional landscaping plants and flowers.

Avoid the Path (and Beds!)

In order to avoid lots of maintenance in your backyard, it is important to avoid having large beds of flowers and plants that will need extensive weeding. Additionally, in order to have a low maintenance backyard, it is also good to avoid having pathways that run through your backyard. Pathways usually need consistent weeding and trimming in order to keep them clear and nice looking.

Mulch it Up

One last tip in creating a low maintenance backyard is to use LOTS of mulch! Mulch helps to keep beds and other areas of your backyard moist by trapping moisture. This can allow you to water your backyard less frequently. Additionally, mulch can also be a great weed deterrent, since it is harder for weeks to grow through the thick level of mulch.

Got Questions?

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