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Plant Protection During Stormy Weather

Plant Protection During Stormy Weather

Plant ProtectionAt Blooms Landcare we are your best resource for Dallas and Fort Worth lawn care. When it comes to plant protection during stormy weather, there are a few precautionary steps we recommend taking to avoid losing any greenery to harsh cold, wind, or rain.

Remove Potted Plants to an Indoor Location

Potted plants are particularly susceptible to extreme drops in temperature because they have little soil insulating their roots. Whenever possible, carry containers to an indoor location. This will provide maximum protection against anything a storm might bring. For a potted tree or shrub that is too heavy to move, it will be important to cover it in the same manner as for in-ground plants. 

Cover Foliage to Protect It From the Elements

For small plants, the simplest plant protection method involves covering them with small containers. There are a variety of household items that work well for this purpose.  For example, you can use overturned:

  • Planter pots
  • Laundry baskets
  • Large food containers, or
  • Buckets

The containers act as a physical barrier, protecting the plant from harsh conditions.  For larger plants and young trees, a strong fabric wrap made of burlap and twine can serve the same purpose. Drape fabric over each plant and then tie it into place with the twine.

Install Stakes to Keep Young Trees Upright

Install several stakes around young trees to provide extra support during heavy winds and rain. A good rule of thumb is to drive four two- to three- foot stakes about 20 inches into the ground with the tops slanted away from the tree that is being anchored. Twine works well for tying the stakes to the trunk, but the loops should be loose enough to bend a couple of inches in each direction when strong winds blow.

Do not hesitate to call us at [phone] if we can be of any further assistance. At Blooms Landcare we are always here for any of your plant protection needs.