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Planting an Edible Landscape for Beginning Gardeners

Planting an Edible Landscape for Beginning Gardeners

Edible LandscapeThere is nothing better than a beautiful fragrant garden right in your backyard, except for a beautiful fragrant garden that you can eat! Edible landscaping is becoming the hot new trend for outdoor gardens in homes across the country. Blooms Landcare is happy to show you the basics to planting a gorgeous and delicious edible landscape right in your own yard.

The Right Mix

The key to creating a balance between edible and aesthetic is choosing a bit from both. After all, you don’t want your backyard looking like a farm; you want it to look like an oasis! Search online for both ornamental plants and edible plants that you can combine to make a stunning landscape! Pepper plants give you vibrant color while being easy to grow and combine well with bright yellow flowers. Herbal plants are easy to maintain and serve as a beautiful and functional ground cover around taller flowering plants.

Know Your Soil Health

The key to a successful start with your edible landscape is to begin with a healthy soil. You will want a fast drainage planting box or area with a minimum of 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. Many edible plants (with the exception of fruiting trees) take just a season to produce with the right soil. Routinely check the soil pH level using strips and add nutrients every 2-3 months to keep your soil healthy!

Talk to a Professional

If you would like help in transforming your garden into an edible paradise, call the experts at Blooms Landcare. Our design experts know exactly which plants would be a perfect fit based on your light and soil. We are happy to assist you in the design, execution, and maintenance of your garden!

For more information about planting an edible landscape, contact Blooms Landcare. Call [phone] to get started on your new yard today!