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Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden IdeasSimply because you live in an apartment or condo, or because you have a small garden plot, does not mean that you cannot enjoy growing your own garden. A few small garden ideas will have you growing beautiful plants and vegetables in no time. Blooms Landcare is here to not only provide the Dallas and Fort Worth area with gorgeous landscaping, but we also want to provide you with tips to help improve the look of your garden no matter how big or small it is.

Plants and Tubs

Just about all small garden ideas you read about will involve the use of tubs and pots. If you decide to grow tomatoes in a tub or similar container, make sure that it has proper drainage. Look for Patio tomato plants, which are ideal for container gardens. Not only are Patio tomatoes excellent for small garden ideas, they can also serve as a great decoration idea with their plump, bright red fruits. Imagine being able to enjoy fresh tomatoes all through the growing season.

Besides Patio tomatoes, Early Girl, Better Boy, and Beefsteak are all great options for small garden tomato plants. To get the plants to grow upright, all you have to do is pinch out the side branches as they start to grow, and keep one leader until fruit starts to ripen.

Other Vegetables

Additional vegetables that grow great inside of containers include sweet/hot peppers, squash and cucumbers. If you have hooks, try hanging the plants from them; this is also a great idea for decorations. Bean poles are great to grow in containers, and one or two will supply you with plenty of beans for you and your family for the growing season.

For additional small garden ideas or if you are in need of professional Dallas and Fort Worth landscaping, call Blooms Landcare at [phone]. We’re waiting to help you with your gardening project. Contact us today!