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Summer Water Lawn Tips for Texans: How Often Should You Water? 

Summer Water Lawn Tips for Texans: How Often Should You Water? 

Summer Water LawnHaving a lush lawn is a point of pride for many Texans, and unfortunately, that means overwatering is a mistake many people make. Excessive watering can drive up bills and have adverse effects on grass and plants, since more watering encourages shallower roots, making the grass less hardy during winter. Of course, watering too little can have harmful effects, too. At Blooms Landcare, we encourage homeowners to keep the following summer water lawn and garden tips in mind.

Basic Watering Guidelines

We generally recommend the following guidelines as a starting point for your watering schedule:

  • If you use spray zone sprinklers or bed sprinklers, water 3 to 4 times per week for 15 to 20 minutes during summer.
  • For rotary zone and irrigation drip sprinklers, double or even triple the watering time.
  • Water when temperatures are cool to minimize evaporation; before sunrise is optimal.
  • Make sure moisture penetrates below the soil surface; ideally, dampness should extend 6 inches deep.
  • One inch of water per week is reasonable for most lawns.

Of course, with soil type and plants varying between lawns, you must monitor how your yard responds to your summer water lawn schedule. If your grass turns brown and parched, or if your yard is excessively wet and supports mold growth, adjust your watering accordingly.

Additional Considerations

A few other factors may affect your watering needs. If you have planted new sod, you will need to keep it moist for the first 10 days and water it daily for two weeks. As little as 24 to 48 hours without watering can damage or kill new sod. Your summer water lawn schedule may also be affected by other factors, such as local watering restrictions dictating when, how long and how much you can water.

If you have questions about making a watering schedule or other aspects of your Dallas and Fort Worth lawn care, please contact Blooms Landcare online today at [phone]. Our landscapers can provide advice along with any service needed to keep your irrigation system in top form for the hot summer months.