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The Best Sod for Texas Lawns, Part 1

The Best Sod for Texas Lawns, Part 1

Best Sod for Texas LawnsWhether you are hoping to redo your home’s landscape or you are starting out fresh, Texas sod is likely to be a vital component of your landscape plan. The sod that we sell here at Blooms Landcare is the perfect addition to your yard. It can quickly be installed, it immediately controls soil erosion, it controls and reduces weeds, and it is suitable to be planted year around once it is rooted. When trying to decide the best sod for Texas lawns, consider the following popular options.


Bermudagrass is a popular type of grass that is grown all throughout Texas. It is perfect for the state’s hot climate because it tends to be very drought tolerant. Keep in mind, however, that it is not very traffic or shade tolerant.

St. Augustinegrass

This coarse species turfgrass is a great choice for home lawncare because it requires moderate to low maintenance. It is one of the most shade tolerant, warm season grasses but its use is limited to the northern 1/3 of Texas because it lacks cold hardiness. There are some people who believe this is the best sod for Texas lawns, but others prefer different types.


Buffalograss is a low maintenance variety of Texas sod that functions well in the central and western part of the state where the annual rainfall is typically 25 inches or less. It has a very low irrigation requirement and actually becomes invaded by weeds and other grass species when excess water is applied.


This variety of low maintenance turf is well adapted to the acidic soils of East Texas. It does not require much fertilizer and can tolerate infrequent mowing. Centipedegrass is well known for being course leafed and slow growing.

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