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Tips for Keeping a Level Lawn

Tips for Keeping a Level Lawn

Lawn Care MaintenanceDo you have that beautiful green, perfectly trimmed lawn but need a little help with turning it into a level lawn? Blooms Landcare has the quick, do-it-yourself fix for you!


First, you will have to get eye level with your lawn and look for those bumps or rises and depressions or hollows. You can mark their centers with stakes or wire flags if you have a few. Next, using a half-moon cutter or similar tool, cut symmetrical crosses into each bump or hollow with the center of the cross at the highest point of the bump and lowest point of a hollow. Extend the slices past the edges of the bump or hollow, but make sure to keep your cross as a symmetrical “+” shape.


Next, using a spade shovel or turfing iron, slice horizontally underneath your new corners of turf. Keep roughly 1.5 to 2 inches of soil beneath the grass as you slice towards the perimeter of your bump or hollow. After you have “filleted” the problem spot, carefully peel back the four corners of the turf. This is where cutting the cross to extend past the edges of the bump or hollow become important for a level lawn.


If you are only dealing with bumps, then skip this step and proceed to step 4. For hollows, disrupt the soil that was underneath the turf to a depth of 2 inches. Remove any rocks or clods and trample down once you are finished, otherwise the turf will sink again and you will not have a level lawn. Select a quality topsoil and fill the hollow to the surrounding edges. Using a rake, work over the soil to get rid of clumps to create a nice tilth.


Remove any excess soil you have and make sure that the soil is even with the surrounding edges. Add a pre-seeder fertilizer to the soil to help continued growth. Now, carefully replace the peeled back corners to the center of the bump or hollow. Using the back of your rake, gently pat down your grass and ensure that your bump or hollow is now even with the surrounding lawn. Add in a little bit more of your topsoil to the slices you made to prevent the edges from drying out, and a few sprinkled lawn seeds will make the crosses disappear even faster.

If you have any questions or need supplies for your level lawn, don’t hesitate to call Bloom’s Landcare at [phone]!