Written By: Build Team

Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips from Blooms Landcare

As the temperatures lower this February, keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is on the mind of every homeowner. Yet we all know it can be difficult to keep a lush lawn amidst the winter temperatures here in North Texas. Luckily, the Dallas and Fort Worth TX landscapers at Blooms Landcare can offer you tips on how to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful this winter.

For winter lawn maintenance, Blooms Landcare is here to help. We can best protect your lawn from the harsh winter temperatures and properly prepare it for lush growth come springtime. In winter, it is best to lower the mowing height of your lawn mower, as you don’t want too much fresh growth on your lawn in winter temperatures, as this can dry out quite easily. Our Dallas and Fort Worth landscape company can provide your winter lawn with essential maintenance to make sure you have a healthy lawn, no matter the season. It is also important to make sure there are no miscellaneous objects present in your lawn, as loose objects like gardening equipment or your children’s toys can smother grass during inclement weather. Our all-season fertilization experts can offer you tips and tricks on how to maintain a lawn sure to make the neighbors green with envy this winter.

A green, well-managed lawn is on the wish list of every homeowner this time of year. Fortunately, with the professional arborists and landscapers at Blooms Landcare can help you achieve this daunting task. For additional information regarding winter lawn maintenance, give us a call at [phone] or contact us online today.