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Winter Services for Property and Landscape Maintenance

Winter does not mean you need to hide indoors for months at a time. Sure, some ice or minor snowfall will prevent specific activities, but landscape maintenance can continue. If you’re unsure of how or what to accomplish during the winter months, consider hiring a professional landscape company. Experts will know best how to care for a lawn during the colder months of the year.

Winter Pruning

With winter upon us, the growing season has slowed down – or halted altogether. You may still perform regular pruning on trees and shrubs to reinvigorate their beds and reshape their structure. You would be impressed at the number of landscape beds that open with proper pruning techniques.

Corrective pruning, in fact, makes a significant difference. The best time to prune is typically winter through March when dead wood can be removed from shrubs and trees to promote healthy growth.

Replanting Perennials

During the winter is the perfect time to expand your garden and replant perennials to maximize color and efficiency. Survey your landscape now and identify potential flower beds that could use a boost – more color or more plant life.

Aerate Lawns

With the cold weather, you have the opportunity to aerate the lawn and reduce compaction; and to over-seed any sparse, damaged, or bare spots.

New seeds require less water and nutrients to establish themselves on the ground. Once spring comes, you’ll notice a nice uptick in greenery with a lush, healthy lawn. Do not wait until spring to begin the overseeding process, though. The results will not be worth the trouble or hard work put in.

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