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Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Garden Ready For SpringAlthough it may not seem like it with all the recent snow and ice, spring is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden for spring. There are some simple steps that you can take to plan for next season even before the warm weather starts.

Clean Up

Winter may have caused a lot of leaves, sticks, and other debris to find its way into your garden. Clear the brush away from plants and pull any weeds that may have accumulated. Leaving brush can attract unwanted pests that could harm your plants. If you notice a large amount of pests around your garden, you may need to take measures to exterminate them prior to moving forward in sprucing up your garden.

Check Your Soil

Gardening can be dirty work. However freshly planted seedling roots need well-aerated lightly moist soil to survive. Make sure to shovel and turn over your soil multiple times to ensure the soil will give ample room for root growth. Check the moisture in your soil by breaking it apart. If it breaks apart easily when dropped from a 2ft height then it is perfect for gardening. If it stays in a single wet clump, it may be too moist and you need to wait a bit for it to dry out.


You may need to fertilize your soil to put back in nutrients that were lost over the last year. This is a complex process that involves testing your soil’s pH level and making correct adjustments. If you are unsure how to perform this process, call a professional landscaping company. They would have expertise in properly determining your garden’s specific fertilizing needs.

If you need help in getting your garden ready for the spring season, call Blooms Landcare at [phone] and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We would be happy to assist you.